SOLAS Container Weight Verification Solution

Topaz Contain-A-Weigh Software is a unique software solution that connects your weighing process to software in order to accurately capture and calculate container weights in accordance with SAMSA requirements.

Features include :

• Method 2 Weighing – Weighing or scanning of products into a container (Cargo+ packaging) + Manual capture of    container tare weight = Gross container weight. (VGM)

• Container Gross weight A4 ticket per container containing key information :
1. Gross Weight
2. Tare Weight
3. Verified Container number according to ISO 6346 standards
4. Verified weighing device legal information
5. Operator/Weigh master information
6. Shipment information
7. Destination
8. Date and time of weighing
9. Standard PC based and/or an industrial PC terminal running Windows XP, Win7, Win10. 32 or 64bit
10. Plus any other custom inputs as requested

• Reports, detailed and summary
• Data export to a .CSV file (or XML on request)
• Optional 3rd Party software integration on request
• Bespoke requirements on request.

Please note :

a. As per regulations, a certified weighbridge and/or scale is required to weigh.
This weighing device needs to have a RS232 serial or a TCP Ethernet data output port. The software data is only as accurate as the accuracy of the weighing equipment used.

b. Samsa Audit and Certification is required in South Africa.


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